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Weapon Rush is a top-down twin stick where players unlock weapons and upgrades to defeat increasingly more difficult waves of enemies. There’s just one catch, you can only move with your weapon. Whether utilising the kickback of shotguns or charging up powerful hits with a Broadsword, you will fling yourself at your foes.

Can gain gems with P to skip progression. (As progression was not rigorously tested.)

Break crates to get a new randomised weapon.

How does your submission match the theme? Pretty much everything is done either by attacking or to benefit attacking.

Third-party resources: All music and sounds from: opengameart.org and some other free use sounds from youtube.

Contributors: Me(DeamonHunter)/Dasherdeer

V1.1.1 Changes:

  • Fixed Bullets not triggering switch
  • Fixed Pistol buying square saying Dual Pistols

V1.1 Changes:

  • Increased stamina regen
  • Fixed ordering issues
  • Removed framerate issues
  • Some weapon balancing
  • Player health is now 10
  • Weapons now immediately given to player upon buying

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip.


WeaponRush V1.1.1.zip 21 MB


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